My wife is joyful.


My Wife Is Joyful

Joe’s Story
My name is JOE and I’m writing this on behalf of my wife, Helen, who has multiple medical conditions include type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, coronary artery disease, persistent peripheral edema, and longstanding musculoskeletal pain secondary to a motor vehicle accident. Her medical history includes atrial fibrillation with cardioversion, anemia, knee replacement. I used to look after my wife but began to struggle more and more as her needs got greater, until I just couldn’t cope anymore.
How did Livingways Care Services help me?

Livingways Care Services was a lifesaver for me and my wife. The care workers look after my wife needs every day, though at first, she was very uncooperative about it. It took a while to build up my wife’s trust, but they were kind and patient with her, and it worked. The main carer understands my wife needs and her routine so well that i had nothing to worry.

What difference has it made in my life?

For me, the relief is incredible, knowing that there’s someone there to take on some of my wife’s care. For my wife – things have really improved. She leads an active fulfilling life. She looks forward to the care workers’ visits every day.

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