Regaining my potential.


Regaining my potential.

Paul’s Story
My name is Paul, after having a motorcycle accident few years back which affected my daily lives, I went through neurosurgery. The process was complex, but now I am regaining my life. After my surgery, it was like learning to do everything again like a child developing and learning life skills. The simplest task seems very tedious for me to understand. I was always forgetting things.
How did Livingways Care Services help me?
Livingways Care Services care workers have been like my temporary brain whilst in the process of regaining my brain. They made sure that all my daily needs and support are very organised, and they actively participate in working with other professionals to get me back to my current level of development in learning basic life skills again. They are very efficient in managing my dairy that I didn’t have to miss any appointment, my medications were always well looked after and prompted at the right time.
What difference has it made in my life?
Massive difference, the support they gave me has been greatly part of my recovery process and fulfilling my potentials again.

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